Cocktail Recipes

Cocktails are one of the most popular drinks in terms of alcoholic beverages, but they can also be one of the most complicated to make. What really makes a cocktail unique is the range of vibrant colors and fruity ingredients. People generally mix their cocktails with other beverages, including soda, milk, juice, and more-that’s really where the creativity of the drink comes into play!

Essentially, a cocktail is made up of spirit, and whatever else you may want to add into the mix! There’s been milk, sugar, honey, even herbs that have been thrown into the drink! Cocktails are meant to be played up and experimented with. It’s liquor mixed with fun and mystery.

Cocktail recipes are just endless, but here are a few that I find to be fun and tasteful:

  • The Anisette Cocktail is made up of anisette, gin, whipped cream, and a dab of egg whites. After mixing those up, a bit of nutmeg can be added to the top for just a pinch of spice.
  • A Sunny Delight is made with triple sec, lemon vodka, club soda, lemon, and Sunny Delight orange juice, hence, the name! This is obviously a very citrusy drink, so the taste may be a bit acquired.
  • A Popular Guy is an extremely easy cocktail to whip up-all you need is Pisang Ambon liqueur and apple juice.
  • The Million Dollar Cocktail is a pretty popular one-in it, you’ll find gin, sweet vermouth, pineapple juice, grenadine syrup, and one egg white. The ingredients definitely add up to be one intense cocktail!
  • Love in the Afternoon is a very sweet-tasting cocktail, made up of coconut cream, dark rum, strawberry liqueur, sugar syrup, orange juice, whipped cream, and strawberries. This drink will leave you with a satisfied sweet tooth and a sugar rush!
  • Purple Love is a complex drink, but it makes drinking it all the more fun! The recipe includes Blue Curacao liqueur, whipped cream, Chambord raspberry liqueur, white rum, Absolut vodka, triple sec, Sprite, and a hint of grenadine syrup. The drink is best served when topped with chocolate shavings.
  • Queen Soda may be one of the easiest cocktail recipes out there! All that’s required is cream soda and butterscotch schnapps. Stir it all up and you’re good to go!
  • Found within the Raspberry Truffle is Kahlua coffee liqueur, creme de cacao, vodka, and Chambord raspberry liqueur. Once that’s all stirred up and filled in a cocktail glass, milk is added in, and, voila, you’ve got yourself a Raspberry Truffle cocktail!
  • The Saronno Peach Fuzz recipe is simple enough-the ingredients required are Amaretto Di Saronno liqueur, peach brandy, and vanilla ice cream. Add a cherry and a peach slice on top, and you’ve got your cocktail.

With so many different ingredients and possibilities, you never know what to expect from a cocktail, whether the taste may be bitter, sweet, or even sour. Cocktails provide the element of fun and excitement in an alcoholic beverage, and it’s what sets them apart from all the other kinds of alcohol.